A reservation through Nibol allows the User to reserve a workstation for one or more people (even if his/her guest is not registered on Nibol) for a pre-defined time.

To clarify, every reservation with Nibol not allows you to stay in the place without taking any order.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation of a reservation is completely free. You may cancel a reservation up to 15 minutes before the start time. Once this time has passed, it is no longer possible to cancel it.


The check-in allows us to confirm the presence of the User inside the nibol café. This helps us to verify bookings, to optimise the workstations in case the check-in was not carried out properly and, finally, it entitles the User to all the benefits offered by that particular nibol café.

Check-In Policy

The check-in may be done from 15 minutes before the start of the reservation, up to 30 minutes after the start. We decided to leave this time frame to allow everyone to cover any advances or delays.

To safeguard the entire community and the nibol cafés, the User will receive an alert every time he/she does not check in and he/she will not be able to make any other reservations for that day. After the third warning, the account will be disabled for 14 days.

Discount Policy

A nibol café have to offer a discount for a given work session at the time of payment. The discount will be applied on drinks and food consumed during the reservation time and, at the discretion of the nibol café, even in the subsequent hours.

To receive the discount is required a minimum expense of 2€ each person of the reservation.

For example, if the booking was from 10:00 to 13:00 and the User will have lunch until 2.30 pm, the restaurant can decide whether to apply the discount also to orders made during lunch time.

Minimum expense

In order to receive the discount agreed with the nibol café, the User must spend at least 2€ per person.