Community guidelines

At Nibol we believe that clarity and simplicity improve people’s lives, and therefore the world we live in. An honest world, in which you try your best in everything you do and you are not afraid of making mistakes and admit your faults.

We commit ourselves (and our resources) to do our best to improve and innovate the way people work outside their home. And further, we pledge ourselves to always being attentive to the needs of the Users and managers and we ask you to support us in our work.


A Nibol User is anyone who feels free to manage his/her day according to his/her own pace and interests. Who does not want to have issues during (his/her) working sessions and who likes to try technology advances.


A Manager is the one who manages a Nibol. He/she is a person attentive to its clients, to details and who likes to keep up with technological advances.

Rules of Conduct

We ask all Nibol Users to have a respectful conduct (with the people in the Community and in the nibol café). We want to create a serene Community with common values, in which everyone is free to share his/her own experiences.


We ask to leave honest and objective ratings. They represent a very useful and powerful tool, so that Users will be able to better choose the nibol café that best suits their needs and cafés can improve on their weakest points.

Nibol café

A nibol café is an area with a wifi connection, a refined and welcoming environment and quality food products.

It is carefully selected by us. In case a User does not consider the place a nibol café, he/she may easily report it through the app and we will personally evaluate it.


A nibol café is expected to treat the Users with respect and attention, in line with the service we offer.

Workstations Offered

A Manager have to provide a number of his/her choice of work stations. At his/her own discretion, the manager may choose the time frames preferred for the reservations and he/she may also decide to disable them during breakfast, lunch and / or dinner hours.


Nibol’s mission is to help all people who work outside their home, regardless of whether they are within walking distance to their home or they come from the from side of the world. This is why we have zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination.

It is unacceptable for a manager to refuse a reservation based on features such as the User’s country of origin, religion, skin color, disability, sexual orientation, gender, age or any other feature. Actions of this type involve the deactivation of the account forever.

Likewise, it is unacceptable for a User to have a disrespectful attitude in the nibol café towards other people based on characteristics such as the country of origin of the User, religion, skin color, disability, sexual orientation, gender , age or any other characteristic. Actions of this type involve deactivation of the account forever.